Bureau has been developed by Campbell Hay, a branding, design & development company based in London.

Inspired by bother.

From the very beginning our goal has been to create web applications using modern methodologies that make life simpler, better and do the things you need. We became frustrated with the restrictions imposed by existing solutions and so Bureau was born.

Bureau is built from of a set of components that can be configured to suit your requirements; it is a bespoke system. These components can be used as they are, or customised. Bureau can also have new components built and integrated into the system.

We love scaleable

Bureau has been built to run on Heroku, a cloud based hosting provider that allows cost effective scaleable hosting. Start small. Grow big. Start big. Grow bigger.

Responsive is not just about speed

Bureau provides a system to accommodate change. It's built to allow rigorous testing of new ideas and rapid deployment of them once you're happy. After all, if you can implement more ideas, you can try new things and see what works for your business.